Queenly Fete! July 11th, 12pm slt- Our Weekly Dance..

Will be just ROYAL! Queenly ROYAL that is. The Velvet Thorn will hold court this week.. ROYAL Court.. WE will dance with famous Queens in history.. from Elizabeth to Catherine..that Bolen Girl, the Queen Mary, Isabella, even Freddie Mercury and Divine! Dress as your favorite queen in history..Music will be provided by the queenly Duchess […]

PREHISTORIC DANCE 6.27 @ Noon slt!

Suddenly, Stonehenge has made an appearance in The VelvetThorn! This weeks dance theme will be historic! PRE- HISTORICthat is! Wear your best cave woman skins, and cave boy loin cloths and get ready for some great clubbing.. (cave boy clubbing)!There might be some dinosaurs around even!The House of Mureaux will “ROCK” th’ HENGE..so mark your […]

The Smut Continent is Open for Business!!!

If you have land on the mainland with “adult content” on it. You must submit a ticket to receive a similar sized parcel in the new adult continent Zindra (formerly known as Ursula). Zindra will be open for two weeks, allowing Residents the convenience to explore as their personal schedules permit. Bring pen and paper […]

From the Desk of StarSong Bright

Hi all, I finally got around to doing justice to our web site http://velvetthorn.com please have a look and give me any feedback.Did you know we have a Flickr pool for the Velvet Thorn? http://www.flickr.com/groups/velvetthornfemdomcommunity/pool/Any of our members can join and add pictures for all to see. Looking for a place to live in SL? […]