From the Desk of StarSong Bright

Hi all, I finally got around to doing justice to our web site please have a look and give me any feedback.
Did you know we have a Flickr pool for the Velvet Thorn? of our members can join and add pictures for all to see.

Looking for a place to live in SL? Act now! up bonuses for people who act now. No premium account required to own your own piece of Fortune or Satisfaction.
Have you been reading Femdom Magazine? I have written stories and articles in each of the four issues available here:
If you noticed our membership numbers have fallen under 2k again, it’s because I cleared out all of the members who have not logged in to Second Life in the past nine months. I did this because larger groups suffer slower group chat and announcement issues, so I decided to clear away some of the old and make room for the new. But any of those removed are free to REjoin at any time if they return. This was a purely technical move and does not pick on anybody. And then we get to celebrate 2000 members all over again soon! 🙂
If you would like to volunteer in the Velvet Thorn or to take a more active role, contact StarSong Bright!